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YouTube is looking to expand the kinds of original articles it produces to add choose-your-own-adventure design applications. According to a Bloomberg report, the Google-owned company will develop interactive content very similar to Netflix’s hit Bandersnatch under the direction fo Ben Relles. The head of programming, Relles has been with YouTube for eight years but has just begun in his new role.
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Reportedly, YouTube’s looking to strengthen its initial content offerings and boost ad sales by creating content that is interactive. It’s also expecting to get on precisely the playing field as some of its competitors. Netflix’s Dark Mirror occasion Bandersnatch, that launched in the end of 2018, proved to be such a huge success that the company intends on creating more interactive TV series. Walmart may even get in the mix soon, as it has invested $250 million in a”joint venture” with Eko, a company that makes interactive content.
Since the plan is in its infancy, there’s no word on what kinds of content that is interactive we can see from YouTube yet. Advertising has been experimented with by the business, but has yet to introduce audience choice to its programming. It could be a while before we see a choose-your-own-adventure production from YouTube because this kind of content, with numerous different options and endings, takes money, effort, and time to create than regular programming.

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