So no, technology companies are listening to your IRL conversations. They know you. You can watch the whole conversation here.

No secret recording is demanded, but his description nevertheless offers view on the amount of data advertisers have at their disposal:
If you have a smartphone, you have had this unnerving encounter at a certain stage: After having a face-to-face dialog with a friend or a partner in a private setting, then you pick your phone up and see advertisements on social websites that echo the details of your chat to an uncanny degree–ads for picnic baskets after a conversation of weekend barbecue plans, or even a sale on flights into some place you just mentioned wanting to visit.

I know for a fact, the data forensics show, and the Facebook VP of advertising says, promises, that they don’t listen to the microphone. How is it they’re still able to know?

The tech-savvy (or more conspiracy-minded) among us might worry that an app or the phone itself is somehow documenting our discussions. This is not true–though if you are still not convinced you can alter the settings in your phone to reduce the number of data apps can accumulate.
It is because interior of a Google server or a Facebook server is a small voodoo doll variant of you. Just like a version of you. And I don’t need to hear your conversations because I have accumulated all of the…clicks and likes you have ever produced, and it causes this voodoo doll act more and more like you. All I must do is design exactly what dialogue the voodoo doll is needing, and I know the conversation you had without having to listen to the mike.