Kubernetes is now currently becoming one of the most popular skills and has seen a rise over the last couple of years. DockerCon is a great chance to receive hands-on instruction and hear.

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  • Kubernetes 101: Getting up and running with Kubernetes – Directed by Nigel Poulton, Docker Captain and Pluralsight writer and writer of several popular Docker and Kubernetes books
  • Safety Best Practices for Kubernetes – Led by Scott Coulton, Docker Captain and Primary Software Engineer in Microsoft

Customer Case Studies

Hear from Docker customers who are conducting Kubernetes in manufacturing.
The Kubernetes session starts Thursday at 2:30pm and includes:
Kubernetes is a featured subject in this year’s Open Source Summit. Connect with different SIG members and leaders and find out how you can contribute to the project.

Expert-Led Workshops

Learn more about the inner workings of Kubernetes and the best practices about working a Kubernetes environment.

  • Birds of a Feather
  • Download your Kubernetes agenda and register now for DockerCon!
    We look forward to seeing everyone May 2.
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    You’ll also have a chance to understand how Docker will be the simplest way to begin with Kubernetes and attend sessions which describe how the Docker platform simplifies and manages applications on Kubernetes from multi-Linux, multi-OS and multi-cloud customer surroundings.