To get $1,600.

Also, if you’d pre-order the titanium version way back when, you should hopefully be receiving your shipment.

This is the same phone as the Hydrogen One we have had since after year, with the difference being that the aluminum is swapped out for titanium. This makes the layout of the Hydrogen One stand out even more than it already does, but aside from that , it doesn’t do anything new.

The Hydrogen One’s had a rough life and I can name about a thousand better ways to spend $ 1,600, while a ceramic version of it will look cool.

Among the big draws to Rogue One was a modular system which would enable you to connect all sorts of modules and accessories to it, but this past March, RED declared that it was scrapping this plan entirely in favour of some”professional image capture program.” Of that we literally do not understand anything about A program.
When in July 2017, its Hydrogen One Android phone was declared by RED way back. The Shadow and Black versions with a aluminum construction shipped out about October 2018, but the Titanium version that was enviable never saw the light of day. It was delayed in September 2018 with no new launch date in sight, but today in March 2019 — approximately 22 months later –it is finally available for immediate purchase.

This looks like a wise use of your money.