By the mind of category and Internet revenue Raghu Reddy of Xiaomi India:

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This inspires us assist our Mi Fans get it readily and even more to ramp up the source for our popular Redmi Note 7 series.
The Redmi Note 7 Pro is notable for incorporating a Snapdragon 675 paired using a 48MP camera, also key upgrades were made by Xiaomi in different regions. As is the change to USB-C charging, the pattern layout is a welcome change from its predecessors. Together with the base 4GB/64GB model available for just ₹13,999, it isn’t hard to see why it sold so well.
We are thrilled to be sharing yet another wonderful milestone achieved by our favorite Redmi Note series of smartphones. It is truly humbling to observe the Mi Fans’ love towards the Redmi Note.
The Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro went available for the first time in India on March 13, also Xiaomi has announced today the show racked up more than a million earnings in under 30 days. That is a massive achievement given that the phones furthers the impression that the Redmi Notice series would be the one, and were only available in flash sales.
Redmi Note string continues to dominate in India’s budget segment.