The Commodore 64 was 90s and incredibly popular in the ’ 80s, and its legacy is still seen today. Folks are building brand new machines, creating emulators to them, or upgrading their hardware.
There s no limit to the amount of nostalgia that may be minted through classic platforms like the NES classic. The titles are still extremely popular, and putting them in a package that is modern makes them even more accessible. On the other hand, if you still possess the original hardware things can begin getting.

Back when the machine was still considered “modern”, [PJ] tried to construct a wireless control using DTMF over FM radio. He couldn’t ended up shelving the project and get it to work right. We have a whole lot more tools at our disposal compared to radio, so he pulled out an Arduino and a Bluetooth modules. There’s a bit of finesse to receiving the old hardware to behave with all the equipment that is modern , though, but once [PJ] worked through the kinks he managed to play his classic games without the constraints of controllers.