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  • Wink has had a bit of a tumultuous history. The brand is a partnership involving startup company Quirky and electronics giant GE’s product. Wink users suffered, when Quirky began to deal with some financial issues. At one point, the Wink Hub forced Quirky to remember the wise home devices and was not able to connect to the firm servers. Quirky ended up going bankrupt in 2015 and sold its resources to Flextronics, which then sold Wink into i.am Plus in 2017. I.am Plus, which is owned by entrepreneur and musician will.i.am, is a business primarily focused on wearable goods but has retained Wink afloat because its own brand.

    While the Wink brand was kept alive by i.am Plus, the company’s products have adapted to the changing smartphone market. That ’ s a half and a year with no expanding the list. Wink’s Hub has become hard and outdated to bring the expanding number of home devices which have come to market in the past few decades.

    Wink ’ s stock of its product has additionally been dwindling, Though the Wink Hub has been stagnant concerning products it supports. The firm ’s website attempts to purchase Wink devices, and has recorded most of its merchandise as out of stock since November 2018 s website returns a concept of. The merchandise was absent from vendors such as Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart.