For many years now, Apple was trying to overcome this issue by promoting refurbished iPhones. However, the government has so much restricted it from doing this mentioning the nation ’s snowballing e-waste crisis. Where assembly can help This ’ s.

IPhones are sold at higher costs in India, one of Apple’s fastest-growing markets, compared to most other countries.

The tension between the US and China weighs heavy on Apple ’’s worldwide shipments s flagship product.
Presently, Apple’s smartphones are made in California and constructed mostly in China by Taiwan-based contract manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron.

Manufacturing will help Apple in two ways, according to specialists. It mitigate risks arising from the trade war and will make iPhones more affordable to Indians.
It might also help a major threat is avoided by Apple.
This largely as a result of hefty import duties imposed by India. Additionally, it has been among the reasons for Apple’s failure to enlarge its share in the world’s smartphone marketplace.
“Apple’s share in India has dropped in contrast to nearly 3 percent ”, from 2017 said Neil Shah, research director at Counterpoint Research. “The company has faced a similar situation in China where iPhones are costly and sales have suffered. Players like OnePlus, Vivo, and RedMi have filled that gap . Apple needs to adjust its pricing plan. ”
Things may go beyond the iPhone 7. IPhone XS in India this year and foxconn is also anticipated to begin building of Apple’s higher-end phones such as X, Fitch Ratings said in a notice.

IPhone shipments to India halved to 1.7 million units in 2018 in the preceding year, according to Counterpoint Research. Back in October-December 2018 OnePlus sent 500,000 phones to India from Apple’s 400,000, the data showed. The Shenzhen brand holds over 37% of this country’s premium smartphone section today.
On April 02, the company said it will start assembling the Wistron’s centre in Bengaluru. “We are proud to be producing iPhone 7 in Bengaluru for our regional clients, furthering our devotion that is long-term ” an Apple spokesperson said in a statement.
“The shift of Apple’s meeting foundation towards India is driven not just by worries surrounding US-China commerce connections; Apple is focused on rising sales in India, while Foxconn wants to diversify its gathering lines across various geographies,” Fitch Ratings said.
Laws have not been kind to Apple, but the company is currently doing everything it can to acquire on the market.

However, the trade war between the US and China is threatening to upset that. US president Donald Trump has plans for more and has imposed tariffs on Chinese goods worth $250 billion.

Trade war

As an example, the iPhone X, the latest Apple version, sells in India for $1,100 (Rs75,000), far higher than the average selling price of smartphones in India at about $118.

Apple, building facilities away from China, with India becoming a pure option and thus, is slowly diversifying its manufacturing.