Besides aligning with our mission, there are other reasons that we want to have varied teams. Complicated systems, which comprise unpredictable, surprising, and unexpected behaviours have always existed. Complex systems, but have gone out of something found mainly in large systems, like cities, to almost all we interact with now. Complex systems are far more challenging to manage than merely complex ones as subsystems interact in ways making it more difficult to predict what will occur. Our engineers cope with systems on a daily basis. Complexity is a bit of an overloaded term, however, literature assembles it into three big groups, determined in line with the point of view of this audience: behavioral, structural, and constructive. 1 Between the website, mobile apps, and systems which support development, our engineers interact with exceptionally sophisticated systems from all three perspectives daily. Research has consistently shown that teams are able to handle complex systems. 2
1 thing that we do to help with this would be to market and partner directly with employee resource collections (ERGs). Our ERGs include NonBinary People in Tech, Black Resource and Identity Group in Etsy, Jewish Individuals at Etsy, Hispanic Latinx Network, Parents ERG, Queer@Etsy, and Girls and Asian Resource Community. If you’re not familiar with ERGs, their mission and aims would be to create a constructive and inclusive workplace culture in which workers from underrepresented backgrounds, lifestyles, and abilities have access to applications that foster a feeling of community, contribute to professional development, and amplify diverse voices inside our business. These ERGs Each have an executive sponsor. This ensures that there’s a communication station with management. It also highlights the value we place that these groups provide.    
4 Hewlett, S. A., Marshall, M., & Sherbin, L. (2013). How innovation can be driven by diversity.
We are also focused on retaining our engineers. Among those matters we do to assist in this area is to track. Throughout promotion cycles, and our compensation, evaluation, we assess for inconsistencies. We perform this investigation both internally and via the use of third parties.  
Companies with increased diversity unlock innovation by creating an environment where ideas are observed and workers can find senior-level sponsorship for persuasive ideas. Should they provide equal chance to varied voices leaders are likely to unleash value-driving insights.
1999). Possibly the most significant topic was predicated on a series of studies conducted by Evan Apfelbaum and his colleagues at MIT. This study revealed that as we are predisposed to concur with a team, our willingness to disagree increases if the group is diverse. 3
According to Clearfield and Tilcsik, homogeneity can facilitate”smooth, effortless interactions,” but diversity drives better choices. Interestingly, it’s the diversity and not necessarily the specific contributions of the individuals themselves, that causes not as much group-think, active and more open dialogue, and uncertainty. This wholesome skepticism is helpful in a myriad of situations. 1 such scenario is through pre-mortems, where a project group supposes a job has failed and works to identify what potentially could lead to this outcome. This is different from a postmortem where the failure has occurred and the team is currently dissecting the failure. This exercise will help especially if diverse and these biases team members participate. We strongly believe that when we seek out various perspectives, we make better decisions, build products, and manage systems better.
Etsy Engineering has been a leader and innovator in the broader tech sector with regard to technology and procedure. In addition, we want to be leaders in the industry with regards to inclusion and diversity. It’s not merely the right thing to do but it is the correct thing to do to your own enterprise.

Etsy Engineering is also incredibly innovative. 1 measure of this is that the number of open source jobs around our GitHub page along with the ongoing flow of contributions from our engineers in the open source community. We’re of course fans of open source as Etsy, like most platforms, wouldn’t exist in its current form without the plethora. But we also see this duty to give back as part of our culture. Part of the job at Etsy of everyone is making others .
Two Sargut, G., & McGrath, R. G. (2011).

Diverse teams are stronger, and inclusive cultures are more resilient. When we seek out different perspectives, we make better decisions and build better products.

Another step of our innovation is our experiment speed. Under the mission of keeping trade individual, we strive every day to develop and improve products that empower 37M buyers to search and navigate through 50M+ items to find the unique item. As you can imagine, this requires some innovative technologies to operate effectively at this scale. And, to find that correct we need to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. Fueling this invention is the diversity of the work force.

3 Apfelbaum EP, Phillips KW, Richeson JA (2014) Rethinking the research in diversity research: If we’re describing the consequences of homogeneity? Perspect Psychol Sci 9(3):235–244.

1 Wade, J., & Heydari, B. (2014). Complexity: Definition and reduction techniques. In Proceedings of the Poster Workshop in the 2014 Sophisticated Systems Design & Management International Conference.

Why can we include diversity and inclusion as one of the best five guiding principles? Etsy is a very mission-driven company. A number of our employees joined and stay with us because they feel so passionate about the mission. Each and every day, we keep trade human by helping creative entrepreneurs locate buyers who become dedicated fans of the seller’s art, crafts, and ranges. The sellers themselves are a varied group of people from virtually every nation in the world. We would have a hard time coming to work if the way we work, the way we create products, how we provide support, etc. isn’t done in a way that supports this mission. Failing to be diverse and inclusive would fail that mission.
We’ve been working diligently on our recruiting and hiring processes. Wereplaced some actions in the process with third party vendors’ve finished job descriptions, and changed the sequence of steps all in an attempt. We have also allocated individuals and funds so as to sponsor and attend seminars focused on underrepresented groups in technology. We’ll share our 2018 progress in Q1 2019.
So diversity fits our mission, helps manage complex systems, and drives greater invention, but how is Etsy doing with regard to diversity? Half of our Board of Directors and more than 50 percent of our Executive Team are girls. As over 30 percent and women/non-binary are people of color, more than 30 percent of Etsy Engineers identify. 5 These amounts are industry-leading, especially compared to other technology firms who report”tech roles” and not the more narrow category,”engineering” roles. We’re not entirely satisfied, even though we are proud of our progress. In October 2017, we announced a diversity impact goal to”meaningfully increase representation of underrepresented groups and guarantee equity in Etsy’s workforce” To advance our goal, we are focused on hiring, recruitment, retention, employee development, mentorship, sponsorship, and building an inclusive culture.
We embrace differences.
We recently published our company’s Guiding Principles. These are five guideposts that are pertinent to all organizations and departments within Etsy. We spent a fantastic deal of time brainstorming, talking, and documenting these. By one estimate, over 30% of this firm had some input at some phase of the process. This was lots of effort by lots of people but that was work that is significant. These principles need to not just reflect how we act but at precisely the same time they need to be aspirational for the way we would like to behave. These fundamentals will be used in performance evaluations, competency matrices, interview rubrics, career discussions, and in everyday meetings to refocus talks.

One of those five principles is centered on inclusion and diversity. The principle states: