Our founders who started the company around 20 years ago built the firm. They taught us the company and spent consistently in firm’s long run. We plant trees beyond the firm by contributing knowledge and relations through events, publishing and media.

For the privilege to serve, I’m grateful.
Second, rsquo, we &;ve reinforced and will always be center, to our culture. We’ve got five: founders first, think independently collectively (brutal intellectual honesty); open source the org (transparency inside and outside ); proceed one, have pleasure (team first, person moment; laugh a lot); allow it to happen (action over words). We take them seriously, but not too badly .
Fourth t partnered with partners. Their success funds investments, health care improvements, environmental restoration, and education initiatives to improve the world.

Third, due to we, the culture ’ve been lucky to find ourselves surrounded by a team who we think create great long term partners. One ran a billion dollar business unit in the most significant SaaS company in the world. Another was a important part of the group that constructed a company that grew from 0-$100m in revenue in 12 months. Amongst us we have executives, founders and operators, and matter experts who understand startups since they rsquo;ve.
Each many more behind the scenes and these attempts have one purpose: to serve entrepreneurs. Those intrepid and people who brave uncertainty, threat and turbulence to alter the world.

Within the past decade I’ve been Redpoint, I’ve seen our firm learn, evolve and develop in different ways – ways – that fill me with gratitude and pride.