• SpaceX claws its first launching and landing of 2019, but job cuts loom
  • The Falcon Heavy, the planet’s most powerful rocket in present performance, will start from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida, in what’s going to be its first-ever business mission. The launch was originally slated for Wednesday evening, but the plan was scuppered by winds. The rescheduled flight is going to probably be live-streamed on SpaceX’s YouTube channel.

    A launch for Falcon Heavy is something many have been dreaming about since the rocket was first described by Elon Musk . It is also something that seemed like it’d never happen during the innumerable flaws which got us.
    Update: SpaceX has called off Wednesday’s launching as a result of strong winds. It s now aiming to launch on Thursday, April 11. Click on the video over to check the countdown clock.