Not every game affirms PSN ID changes

You can always return

Hate your name? Don’t stress. Provided that your name doesn’t violate Sony’s rules (nothing profane, racist, or conducive, among other constraints ) you can always revert back by calling Sony’s customer support section.
Regrettably, changing your PlayStation username is not as simple as typing in a new name and getting back to your own favourite sport. Due to a software issues, it gets a little more complicated based on the games you playwith.
Sony is giving every user one PlayStation username change on the home. But should you need to create still another tweak to your PSN ID, it’ll cost you $9.99. In the event that you’re a PlayStation Plus contributor, which drops to $4.99.
Maintaining a promise that it made this past year, Sony is finally supplying PlayStation 4 players the option to modify their username — meaning you can finally ditch the scourge that’s “L33TMoocher420,” or anything else you thought was funny in high school.

Sony notes , while a vast majority of popular PlayStation games support changing your username, not every title will play nice with your revised manage.

You’ll need either your PlayStation 4 games or access to a web browser in order to modify your PlayStation Network ID, also known as a PSN ID — or more generally, your PlayStation manage.
According to Sony, games released after April 1, 2018 are capable of handling your new identity. &ldquononetheless, because they’ve not all been specifically tested using the attribute, we cannot guarantee that they’ll support it,” Sony said in its own announcement of this upgrade.

You can find a few other things to learn about altering your PlayStation username:
Since not every match is supported, that could spell the end of the time spent playing your favorite name. Fortunately, Sony has a list of tested games to peruse. In case your sport of choice is one of those titles with critical issues, Sony urges you not to change your username if you would like to continue enjoying it.

The first change is free

You’ll be in a position to make the change there. Alternately, on the internet sign in to your PlayStation Network account, select your profile at the menu bar, and hit the Edit button.