A report is quoted by an anonymous reader by The Register: An American company is to build a set of undersea cables linking Australia to China following the government put its foot down and kicked at Huawei off the contract. Building on our reports from this past year that Australia had blocked Huawei in building a 4,000kilometers cable between Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, U.S. firm TE Subcom has reportedly won the deal to construct the link.

“All choices for meshing the Pacific Islands are good for the development of the markets of the countries,” Keir Preedy, chief executive of the Solomon Island Submarine Cable Company, told Reuters. The company is creating the Solomons’ cable. In addition to the Aus-PNG-Solomons route announced, TE Subcom will construct a cable spur to Hong Kong — Chinese territory. “It is due for completion in 2022 and also includes a potential trans-Pacific branch to Los Angeles,” the newswire stated.