Key words in Ulysses are an essential component of the writing workflow for many users. They help authors organize their writing and also bring some sanity. Ulysses 15 makes keywords useful. It comes with an entire window devoted to show and handle your keywords. It is possible to bring this window up from the — well — Window > Keyword Manager menu item and here, you can instantly sort, delete, rename and change colors of key words with ease. You can also search and filter key words in a greater way and display their texts with keywords of a color that is particular, assuming you have color-coded your keyword phrases.

Enriched Keyword Manager

Ulysses has made quite the name for itself within the past few years since the best app for long-form composing across iOS and Mac. The app went on to adopt a subscription-pricing version and since that time, has developed into a writing atmosphere. Today marks the launch of Ulysses 15, a substantial release that introduces a great deal of new features and improvements across the board.
You can quickly jump between the editors by using the Command + Option + Left or Right keys, and scroll equally documents simultaneously by holding down the Option key while scrolling. The app highlights the markup in one editor at a time, letting you readily tell which of those two editors is in focus. Another document remains greyed out. While two editor configurations could open the way Ulysses 15 manages this situation makes me expect that Apple appears at this program for a couple things to implement in their own apps.
Ulysses 15 is available for Free on the Mac App Store and as a Universal program for iPhone and iPad on the iOS App Store. Ulysses needs an active subscription which is priced at $4.99/month or $39.99annually.

Split View Editor

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Image support becomes enhanced with this release. You can now pre-set image sizes that Ulysses will obey during export. Additionally, the app can exhibit previews of images which you simply reference using a URL.

For fans of the Mode in Ulysses, export previews finally get the Mode. I ’ m not certain why it missed in the first place, but I am thankful it ’ s here.
Ulysses 15 for Mac comes with a nifty Split View mode for your Editor. This lets you edit and display two text files at exactly the same time. Ulysses 15 supports divide perspective both vertically and horizontally, which means you can place your documents you desire.
There are lots of minor improvements into the program throughout the board, and Ulysses 15 feels like an app now. You re going to appreciate this launch, Should you ’ re a Ulysses user. If you aren’t, you may as well give it a try today.