(SAN FRANCISCO) — “Miss us? ” Twitter tweeted from its official account as the Great Twitter Outage wound down.
The actress Chrissy Teigen phrased the collective sigh in all caps, tweeting “OH THANK GOD. As their experiences were remembered by users, ” The hashtag “ TwitterDown ” has been trending. Some were too young to recall a time when an outage was a common occurrence.

The outage came as President Donald Trump convenes a White House conference of like-minded critics of Big Tech. Tech firms such as Twitter weren’t invited.

For nearly an hour Thursday, the site we use to keep up with everything and nothing seemed inaccessible for people around the planet, irrespective of celebrity status or follower count. We reloaded and reloaded. Some turned into Facebook Instagram as well as LinkedIn, but it was just not the same.

Outages were so prevalent in Twitter’s years a cartoon “fail whale” the company exhibited during outages came to signify Twitter almost as much as its little blue bird icon. The whale was initially retired in 2013, largely because Twitter didn’t want to be associated with that which it represented. After all, outages had become far less common.
This moment, Twitter’s home page read in part, “Something is wrong. Thank you for noticing. ” The disruption seemed to influence both program users and web. According to Down Detector, a site that tracks outages, problems were reported by the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

We did, apparently.
Then, shortly before 1 PT, it had been back for a lot people. Twitter submitted an explanation blaming ” changes it had been fixing.