Trifecta ’ s prepared food offerings for customers searching to get keto, vegan, vegetarian, other or paleo diets will be complemented by the supply of proteins, the company said.
USDA Organic ingredients that are never rooted and are caught or grass-fed are only used by trifecta meals, the business said. It also offers an alternative for clients to choose their meals based on needs. The company said its food items arrive in a case, fully cooked and ready to eat. Its direct to consumer meals are available in all 50 states.

“With Trifecta quickly becoming a household name within the wellness and fitness neighborhood, we didn’t possess a high protein, low carb, low saturated fat option for our plant-based product lines, so Past Meat was a perfect match for us,” explained Greg Connolly, Trifecta’s chief executive, in a statement.

Unlike its main competition, Impossible Foods (which decided to go a business-to-business route supplying its own meat replacement to restaurants), Beyond Meat mostly went through the supermarket aisle to reach consumers. This marks the first time that prepared Beyond Beef foods will probably be accessible through a shipping service.

Organic meal delivery service Trifecta is partnering with Beyond Meat to deliver the firm ’s plant-based meat replacements into its ready meal and à la carte delivery agency, the companies said today.