Compact and super mobile is ideal for laptops since it can go with you everywhere. Really adds a whole lot of functionality to laptops which just have one or two ports.
That is a match for the lowest price ever and also a couple bucks off the regular street price.
Backwards compatible.
The foldable cord and slim profile allow it to be ideal and ultra-compact . TP-Link backs it up with a two-year warranty, and consumers give it 4.2 stars based on 394 reviews.
The heart is a very simple and effortless method to add four USB 3.0 interfaces to some single USB port. It’s compatible with plenty of devices, including Mac Chromebook, and gaming consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation. The hub is even backward compatible with previous USB generations, although the data transfer speeds will max out at 480 Mbps for USB 2.0 and 12 Mbps for USB 1.1 (compared to up to 5000 Mbps on USB 3.0).

Connect everything

TP-Link USB 3.0 4-port hub

Want more vents and not worried about design? Aukey has a 10-port USB hub using three charging interfaces and seven USB 3.0 data interfaces. It’s on sale for $18 off with code 9G5BYIOT.
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