US: Top searched Super Bowl players, past week, as of January 30

US interest state-by-state week, as of January 30

US: Top halftime actors that are hunted , past week, as of January 30
And the players won’t be the only things turning heads that Sunday. The halftime show has individuals searching with the actors of this year Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi.
  • The Assistant will share its forecast, this year. Simply ask,”Hey Google, who is going to win the big game?” Suggestion: the Assistant can not help but root for the underdog.
    Whether you’re a veteran fan or new to the game, say”Hey Google, allow me to speak as a football fan” and the Assistant can help you talk like a pro. Insider tip: When the team you are rooting is on defense, just say”Put more pressure on the quarterback!”
  • Game Day Grub