After each conference, our team goes through all of your feedback and brainstorms alterations big and little to be sure DockerCon remains a special experience for you. To thank you! We know it can seem tedious but we appreciate the comments.

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Join us May 2 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.
What is new with #DockerCon? 5 improvements into your DockerCon adventure
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DockerCon 2019 is coming to San Francisco and also we’ve significantly enhanced your DockerCon experience based on your feedback. If you haven’t reserved your spot, head over to enroll today.

With that in mind, we wanted to share a few of the changes you will see in San Francisco:
DockerCon 2019 is coming soon to San Francisco and also your DockerCon experience ‘ve significantly enhanced based on your comments. If you haven’t reserved your place, head to enroll today.

  1. Role-based Content: This season you can discover dedicated paths on the best way to utilize Docker for both Developers and also for IT Infrastructure & Operations teams. These tracks are led by Docker Captains, clients and Docker Solution Architects sharing best practices and their experiences in running and building apps in containers. And, to make the experience we have a new mobile app for attendees and discovered that you –.
  2. One Global DockerCon: The neighborhood has grown all around the world. To help reach more people with container instruction, beginning with DockerCon San Francisco 2019, we are adjusting our events calendar to incorporate one conference a year and a run of one-day summit events. Breakout sessions are coming into a first come, first served. You can add them.
  3. Opportunities to Engage with Open Source: We’re eager to spend some time in our open source origins. DockerCon comes with Open Source Summit and a track to provide a forum to learn about the container as well as the innovation native projects driving our industry. There’ll be group discussions and opportunities to collaborate with all maintainers and subscribers and exchange ideas. After getting overwhelmingly positive feedback, we have expanded to a half day Women@DockerCon Summit with numerous panels, a workshop and a small registration fee to contribute to Black Girls Code.