53 percent of prescription medication abuse starts with drugs acquired from family or friends, so we’re working alongside nonprofit organizations and government agencies to help people remove opioids that are unused or excess . Last yearwe partnered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for National Prescription Get Back Day by creating a Google Maps API  locator tool to help people dispose of their prescription drugs at temporary locations twice per year. With the support of this instrument, the DEA and its local partners collected a record 1.85 million pounds of unused prescription medication in 2018.
We’re making it much easier for Americans to locate disposal places on Google Maps and hunt all year round today. A search for questions like”medication drop off ” or”medication disposal near me” will exhibit permanent disposal places at the regional pharmacy, hospital or government building so that you can quickly and safely discard your unnecessary medication.
We are going to be working to expand coverage and add places. To find out more about how your state or business can bring more Entry places to Google Maps and Search, contact RXdisposal-data@google.com today.