Should you dare want to attempt to construct a rocket-powered golf club for yourself, you can check out the build docs on Mark Rober’s instructional site .
How fast can a golf club swing? I understand that pros can swing at about 110, although I have no idea what the record to get a human could be. The remainder of us.

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This is proof that everything is better if it’s rocket-powered. Now we just have to find those PGA golf pros to start using these clubs. It may make the sport more watchable.

In rig was built by the, then added two F size model rocket engines to some driver so it swings at 150 MPH. You may check out the video right here. The very first successful run begins at the 10:08 mark, but most of the failures are both entertaining to watch. They move on to the important things like a watermelon As soon as they use the club to hit a couple of golf balls. I will tell you the watermelon didn ’ t go because there wasn ’ t enough of it left to travel through the atmosphere as the thing burst, although I ’ m not sure how much they managed to hit those golf balls.