The whole circuit is available, with a plank made in KiCad, the code is correct there written in C, and the sole hard-to-replicate tech is the chip , which can be had from the typical vendors for under a buck a piece. It s great pedal, and make sure you check out the video below.

Should you’re looking to make money there’s no greater market than guitar pedals and modular synths. The margins are large, and all the customers are. The products are just 1 step over audiophile wank with zero oxygen cables, and if your opamp sounds ‘more transparent’, you’re planning to make a lot of money, never mind how something can sound more transparent, whatever that is to begin with.

The circuit for the ElectroSmash Time Manipulator is constructed around the ATMega328, exactly the same chip at the Arduino Uno, together with two PT2399s that can be configured to operate in parallel or sequential for all from a slapback echo to some delay. Should you set everything right, you can get reverbs, choruses, or even some psychobilly sounds that are flange-ish.

This pedal is based from Princeton Technology, an electronic delay chip that can be employed with something that seems like an old-school bucket brigade chip or something resembling a tape echo. With only a couple of tweaks of this circuit, you ’ ve got the sounds of an electronic delay, as an electronic chip. We’ve taken a peek at the PT2399 earlier , but surprisingly not many people are sharing their secrets.

If you want to do something develop a delay, because a different delay is needed by everyone. If you want to build the most up-to-date in delay technology catch a PT2399 chip. Everything’s there, all the parts of the circuits have been described, and you can become an effects pedal engineer.