The idea is to reconfigure the pump to suck air instead of blowing it into them. By taking away the check valve and installing one and Placing the pump’s piston, it’s potential to pull vacuum without breaking a sweat. [drcrash ] reports which it’s possible to go around 11 psi below atmospheric with this installment, which is a lot for a vast selection of applications. In the event you have to go farther, you may try building your very own turbomolecular pump instead.

[drcrash] recommends starting with a Slime new 2060-A pump or similar. It s a basic hand pump, with no pressure gauges or other frills to get in the way. It s also got a steel shaft that can hold up to use. You’ll also need a check valve and some tubing to find the job finished.

Possessing a vacuum is something every maker must do once in a while. Whether you’re degassing vacuum or epoxy forming parts, you’ll require a pump to get the job finished. [drcrash] has only the manual to help – on how to convert a regular handpump to vacuum duty. (Video embedded after the break.)