• Razer’s Wireless Charger will turn your desk into gamer paradise
  • Then there is the incorporated Leap movement sensor, which resides right between the touchpad and your seat. Cemtrex built a string of custom gestures to control whatever is on screen: Swipe your hands and you can scroll a document, prowl through demonstration, cut and paste, and much more.
    Cemtrex calls it the”Stark” system, a nod to Tony’s crazy system in Iron Man. No, we’re not there. However, Cemtrex has taken us awfully close.

    Oh, and for all those times when you need a little privacy, the company has manufactured its own pair of earbuds that were wireless, using a charging drawer tucked beneath their desk’s left side. This in combination with a software client from the provider lets you make the most of your company’s existing VoIP solution. Your desk became your phone.