Marc Andreessen: “In actuality, the general model for successful technology companies, contrary to myth and legend, is that they become distribution centric rather than product centric…Would you rather have another 2 decades ’ direct on product, or 2 years’ direct on with a state-of-the-art growth attempt? ”

I met Elad Gil once I became an associate product manager at Google. Back then, he had. Men and women take their laptop in precisely the same way. The laptop is shut, between the hip and the hand, in hand. Elad carries his notebook open, powered and by the bottom or upper corner. He’ s so smart and has bandwidth that is so much cognitive, he doesn’t even have enough time to await the computer to wake from sleep.

Distribution is a long term edge. That’s what it means to be a platform: distributing different products. Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce all do so to reinforce their dominance.
Claire Hughes Johnson: “when I was at Google called, & lsquo; Working with Claire, a document was written by me back. ”

From the book, Elad reprints Claire’s record. Seeing a document inspires me to create such a record. Most of us figure out how to work with one another over time, but it might take.

Keith Rabois: “A really great executive is just six to twelve months before the curve. This is a method of articulating to evaluate management staff members that board members and creators can debate.

I’ve admired the manner Elad decomposes issues and proposes solutions from these early days in Building 42. High Rise Handbook shines as a simple guide for startup founders. It explains the theory and the practice of building a business from that of several luminaries and his standpoint.
There are a number of passages from the book that struck at me.
Do me this favor Should you purchase a backup. Hold it from the corner, when you carry it around.