Its capacity to recognize and react to queries is subpar, especially compared to this Google Assistant, which can be available on the telephone, and are robotic and stilted. Bixby Vision, the AI tool built into the camera, can recognize objects, but can’t do much with this information. At least you’re able to create the dedicated Bixby button do some thing else now.
Bad gimmicks. Samsung has been trying to replicate Apple’s “Animoji”–the animated animation heads you can overlay yourself having augmented reality in the iPhone–for around a year now, and… it has a long way to proceed:

The AR shopping seems to need some work
The S10+ doesn’t reinvent what a smartphone is (another apparatus Samsung announced in February may wind up doing that), but it will once again prove that Samsung is on top of its game for generating high quality mobile hardware. This is a very solid upgrade over last year’s Galaxy S model, which I called pretty much ideal , and if you’re in the market for a massive Android device (that doesn’t have a stylus), this can be the one to choose–assuming that you ’re fine with all the price. If you’re employing the S8+ or S9+ and don’t believe that a massive need to update, you aren’t missing too much. But this is a wonderful device, if you ’ re due an update, and also the vast majority of the detractions above are only nitpicking.