If you are holding out to the Titanium version, your wait is finally at an end. The 1,600 titanium version (Ti) was delayed for a long time, together with Red CEO Jim Jannard saying the firm ’s suppliers had allowed them down and caused delays in the TI’s boat dates. Everyone who pre-ordered the Ti received a aluminum version of the phone when those started shipping. Red refunded the pre-orders, but shipped the phones, when the Ti model released in April 2019.
So what about the specs beneath the hood? Taking into consideration the telephone it features 2017 specs. You ’ll find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, which has been replaced as Qualcomm’s flagship by the Snapdragon 845. That chip is coupled with 6GB of RAM, which isn ’ t bad at all and 128GB of storage , plus you are able to enlarge on the storage together with the MicroSD card slot.


Heads up — the 2018 phone everyone whined about is now on Google Fi. So if youare thinking about getting cash back, in addition to buying one, then you are able to benefit from a rate for data, calls texts, or ’ re using a Red Hydrogen One you don’t usage.

It’s at the conclusion of a long road for Red, who announced in September 2018 the titanium version would be postponed due to manufacturing problems — which meant a longer wait for anybody who pre-ordered the phone as it was declared in 2017. Those pre-orders have been sent, together with a full refund for your lengthy wait.

There are a range of things that produce the Hydrogen One an intriguing device, regardless of the fact that its specs are starting to seem dated compared to flagship phones. Here’s everything you want to learn more about the Red Hydrogen One that is new.

Camera company Red first began teasing the Hydrogen One smartphone through 2017, and since then the firm has gradually been showing off more and more details of the gadget. The handset was initially slated to be released in August, however after a couple of setbacks and an occasion at which we had the ability to have a look at the Hydrogen One for ourselves, the unit is currently available.

Following pre-orders started in 2017 the titanium-bodied Ti version of this Red Hydrogen One is available. It’s accessible from Red’s website, also includes 256GB of storage room and an eye-watering $1,600 price tag.