Every one of these photographs (above and below) were taken at extreme low light using Huawei’s Night Mode. All of these turned out amazingly well, though a small artificial.

While the vast majority of the marketing across the P30 Guru will revolve around the camera, and deservedly so, this is the Huawei phone I’ve used that does not feel hampered by its principles, or jeopardized by its own software.
Huawei P30 Pro at 1x (left) / 5x (center) / 10x (right) — Consider how much detail is kept even at 10x!
If Samsung had decided to forgo its right-oriented hole punch cutout in favor of a more conventional notch, the Galaxy S10 may have resembled the P30 Pro. The phone imitates Samsung’s now-iconic curved glass sides and symmetrical metallic frame, but Huawei’s flattened the telephone’s top and bottom, giving it a distinct and not unwelcome contrast. Huawei also employs a different button plot to Samsung, preferring to set the power and volume buttons on the right side of the telephone — which I’ve grown to favor, particularly given Samsung’s most current trend of setting the power button also high up on the phone.

The 6.47-inch OLED display is very good, and using a little bit of tweaking it could be equally wealthy and colour true. By default, it’s tuned to the DCI-P3 color gamut, but I found that the white balance to descend on the warm side so I altered the color temperature to hew bluer and it was nice.

$900 in eBay

In some markets (though not in Canada), the P30 Pro comes with a transparent instance in the box, like its predecessor — that is a welcome addition because, as most other glass-backed mobiles available now, this telephone is slick . At 192 g, it is also thicker than most, accelerating its potential descent as it slides off a desk and hurtles towards the unforgiving ground. I despise clear TPU cases so I quickly bought my own, a colorful, textured alternative from Anccer, however there are loads of great cases from renowned brands like Spigen already offered.
Finally, battery lifetime. It should come as no surprise that the 4,200mAh mobile inside the P30 Pro provides outstanding uptime. I have used the telephone for two weeks now at which it fell below 50%, and I do not remember one day. It was at 65% some days. Because you don’t need to view them I’m not going to bog down the inspection using Screen-On Time stats. You use your phone if you figure out how to deplete the P30 Pro before you go to bed.

Huawei makes hardware of excellent quality and, increasingly, of exceptional design. The P30 Guru looks like its predecessor in many ways, but it lops off the physiological fingerprint detector for additional vertical screen space, and shrinks the elite into a dewdrop, taking advantage of 2019’s most consumer-friendly trends: in-display fingerprint sensors, along with display-as-earpiece speaker. The phone is taller than its predecessor, also, which makes it feel somewhat unwieldy, especially when combined with a single hand, but overall the design is a major improvement.

£899 in Amazon UK
$1200 CAD in Huawei

Huawei P30 Pro ordinary (left)