The entire Israeli assignment took $100 million to design, build, operate and launch.
A picture of the moon captured from the Beresheet spacecraft.
There was A successful landing expected to garner a distinctive award from the XPRIZE Foundation. As a rival for its Google Lunar XPRIZE created for private associations in 2007 to send robots spaceIL began. The Google competition, cancelled following a set of deadlines have been missed, catalyzed perform on a number of probes anticipated to make it to the moon, with Beresheet to have been first among them.

Israel’s attempt to become the fourth country to send a probe to the moon has ended in a crash. The effort was the first made using a vehicle that was designed and financed privately.

— XPRIZE (@xprize) April 11, 2019

They might not have had a successful landing this time, but @TeamSpaceIL has still made history. They will be the recipients of our first ever $1M Moonshot Award, in honor of the achievements and their landmark as the first entity to orbit the Moon. #moonshot

The foundation said it would give SpaceIL the award despite the attempt.