If you want to display amounts, just select Nixies. There s no better way to do that job, only because they seem so cool. Unfortunately, Nixies need high voltages, controlling them is a tiny bit odd, and they suck a great deal of power . These facts have given us a few Nixie options, and [Dave] is here with another one. It’s a mild pipe Nixie, created from oil pole .

The thought of utilizing lights shining to display a number is as old as the Nixie. This screen is ten sheets of acrylic etched with all the numbers 0 through 9. Shine a light through the right sheet, and that number lights up.


You’ll be able to do virtually everything in oil, and it’s used for a mild pipe, so [Dave] put it into the shape of a couple numbers and grabbed some acrylic rod. With just a little work, he managed to make his FauxNixie by mounting these numbers in a lamp socked wired up with ten person LEDs. The results make for big, big, big amounts, and the clock for the glowey aficionado.