The company, which analyzed hiring and the role of the CDO in the 2,500 largest publicly traded companies last year, discovered that only 54 companies, or 2.2 percent, had created a new CDO place in 2018. That was down from 124 in 2017, and 160 at 2016. “We are now able to state that 2016 was the high-water mark in CDO hiring,” the firm said in a blog post.
The trend looks to be on its way out, however. According to the strategy consulting team of PwC, Strategy &, the rate at which companies have been producing places for a digital officer, or CDO, has shrunk to a trickle.

The following step, predicts & Strategy, is to disappear. In fact, if a company doesn’t possess a CDO already, the consulting company counsels, it ought to hesitate to produce the function now. Instead, each member of the C-suite should be handling the digitization job from the business under their watch’s parts.
Ian Rogers, the chief digital officer of luxury giant LVMH, created this point firmly in a meeting with Wired UK in November, saying that having the phrase “digital” in someone’s project title, such as his own, is redundant. He added:
Like using a main electricity officer scott Galloway in L2 said, “ With a officer that is digital is. ” I believe that that’s really accurate. What you’re doing is, you are utilizing this somewhat technical term to conceal the fact your customer’s behaviours have changed. You need to elevate technology within your organisation.

The reason is not, because firms overestimated the value of becoming eloquent that is digitally, however. Since, these days, that occupation is the responsibility of the organization it ’ s. A number of years ago, once the number of CDOs was about the upswing, it reflected an understanding among businesses that change how they did business and they had to ditch pre-digital mindsets. Many took a top-down approach, appointing an executive.

Social media exerts its grip on everything, and as e-commerce eats up a growing share of retail, entertainment is taken over by streaming, the chief digital officer seemed a critical position.
These days, however, being put up in an electronic world for business s job. “Leaders in many businesses today believe that putting a single individual accountable for electronic transformation may not be the best strategy, because it is an inherent strategic priority across the entire company as agility becomes critical to success,” the blog article by Strategy&’s Pierre Péladeau and Olaf Acker pointed out. A different function is no longer led by “ The CDO role. ”

And that vision appears to be materializing. Strategy& found that, in earlier times the CDO was someone who played with a customer-facing function, together with experience in sales, customer service, or marketing. As companies need someone with a background in technology that can ensure it is a component of the entire company operates, rather than having it circulated to certain endeavors but there s been a good deal of turnover in these occupations.