The Canon EOS Rebel SL3 begins at $600 for the body only, or $750 with an 18-55mm f/4-5.6 stabilized kit lens. Current rebates bring the camera to only $649 to the kit with the 15-45mm lens while that ’ s more economical than the cost for your EOS M50.
The SL3 is a “light to moderate update. It’s a 24-megapixel APS-C detector , 9-point viewfinder autofocus system, a fully articulating LCD, and a 5-frames-per-second constant shooting rate — all equivalent to this SL2. Many of the new features it will offer — such as 4K movie, 143-point Dual Pixel Autofocus, eye-detection autofocus, and Creative Assist style — concern live view functionality, where pictures are framed on the LCD display rather than through the optical viewfinder. To put it differently, when the SL3 acts like a mirrorless camera.

A DSLR does have one big advantage over a camera that is mirrorless: Battery life. When using the viewfinder the SL3 boasts an extremely impressive CIPA rating of 1,630 shots on a fully charged battery. This ’s well over twice what the SL2 can do, and almost seven times the battery lifetime of the mirrorless M50 (in live view manner, the SL3 oversees 350 shots per charge). This makes the SL3 a fantastic alternative for traveling, especially biking and biking where you might not be in a position to charge the camera daily.
Also new is that the Smooth Skin setting, which we imagine will combine with all the rotating display to generate perfect selfies.

It should be an easy camera for photographers find out on — though, not any more easy than the EOS M50 and to pick up. The Help mode lets beginners make creative alterations which influence the view picture in actual time, using touchscreen applications. You can change exposure employing the “ brightness ” slider or adjust white balance with “ cool ” presets or the.

Unfortunately, 4K video may still not be combined with Dual Pixel Autofocus, a problem shared with the M50 as well as the full-frame EOS RP. In 4K manner, you’re stuck with diminished autofocus, which might make the attribute too frustrating for novices to bother with it.