Rugged doesn’t imply bulky anymore

Samsung’s most rugged instance

Samsung Rugged Military Grade Cover

The cases of zizo stand out from the rest of the pack with all of the ridges and textures and angles around the corners on the backside. Whether you enjoy the appearance of these cases or not is an issue of taste, but there is no denying that those ridges can help with your grasp. It must endure most drops if it manages to slip out of your hands. There is also a pop-out kickstand, which is a feature that is handy.

Extra fancy design

Zizo Static Collection Case

Samsung has delivered a very simple and compelling design for its Note 8 case which manages to incorporate a built-in kickstand. Branded on the back, this case adds feel to help with your grip, along with exact cutouts on the floor for access to the headset jack, charging port, and S Pen.

Samsung’s all-glass smartphone layout undeniably looks notably so, and great . If it takes a nasty 25, but regardless of what phone manufacturers say about Gorilla Glass 5’s ruggedness, it might shatter. If you’re cautious, scrapes and microabrasions will appear over time. If you lead a busy life (or just know you’re prone to dropping your telephone ) you should invest in a situation that is a bit more heavy duty than your average case.

From the conversations that I have with people I hear a frequent refrain about rugged cases adding too much bulk. That’s sometimes true, and there is nothing wrong with Encased or Zizo offerings, for instance, but case manufacturers have gotten very good at making their rocky cases equally as pocketable as a nude mobile phone.

The Spigen Rugged Armor is a case that provides protection due to the clever manner this situation spreads the jolt . The top features here are the corners and also the simple matte finish that feels and looks great. Spigen does it all while retaining the situation it does not add bulk.

Protects front to rear

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Shield Series Case

Despite all of the offerings, I finally have to recommend the UAG Plasma case since it has an all-around great layout, so your phone will be guarded. It also comes in multiple color fashions.

Thin is in

Spigen Rugged Armor

$23 at Amazon
The UAG Plasma is a lightweight and remarkably slim case with a fantastic deal of texture and ridges along the side edges and back to assist with grip. It has reinforced corners thatoffer relief from your display when you set your cellphone face down and also’ll take the brunt of any drops. It’s also compatible with NFC and Qi wireless charging performance.

The Tough Armor case of spigen delivers rugged protection you would like using a kickstand that’s always there once you need it and a matte finish on the shell. Shock-absorbing TPU across the top and corners will take the brunt of most drops while the polycarbonate shell round the trunk only adds 2.5mm of girth to the Note 8’s thickness. The buttons along the side kept flush with the design of this case, so you can find it, even though the power button has been given some extra feel and are covered.

Pocket-friendly defense

OtterBox Commuter Collection Case

From $11 at Amazon
Staff pick

Feather light emitting protection

UAG Plasma Rugged Case

Some people complain that cases that are rocky cover the look of their telephone and they watch their beautiful phone and not some cheap plastic and rubber. To those individuals, I would recommend the Spigen Rugged Crystal, a case that still provides the heavy-duty security you need to keep your Note 8 in pristine condition.

$17 at Amazon

$10 in Amazon

While keeping a compact form for a case that is rugged its dual-layer design accounts. It’s compatible with screen protectors and comes with a generous lip round the display to protect the screen from scrapes and scuffs. Backed by OtterBox’s limited lifetime warranty and quality customer support, you can purchase with confidence.
$11 at Amazon

$11 at Amazon
One brand that’s really great at that really is Spigen, with the Rugged Armor and Strong Crystal offering excellent protection whilst maintaining the appearance and feel of this Note 8.

The Unicorn Beetle case unites a polycarbonate shell using a shock-absorbing and elastic TPU inner sleeve for a look. Supcase goes an extra step by adding a display protector round front to prevent scratches on your own Note 8’s screen. It’s beefy in the corners where it ought to be sporty and slim as not to turn your phone to a thick brick of plastic. It’s also available in four color styles.

The Encased Rugged Belt Case features a dual-layer design having an impact dispersion system that helps to keep your Note 8 from harm’s way through the most nasty of drops. Encased provides you easy access to a phone and carries a belt clip that’s also designed to shield from effects.

Keep your phone in opinion

Spigen Rugged Crystal