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  • ‘No, I really don’t have time for this class assignment in my life. I’m too busy over here. ’
  • ‘No, I don’t want to remain cooped up in this classroom. Get some sunshine and fresh air and I want to stretch my legs. ’
  • ‘No, I don’t think that worksheet is worth my focus now. My learning period could be spent doing this. ’
  • ‘NoI do not wish to read the assigned book and discuss it for another month. I feel like that destroys my interest in reading. ’
  • ‘No, my period for the next hour will be better spent recharging and taking care of myself. My energy level is low and I’m exhausted. ’
  • ‘No, I really don’t want to put my smartphone. It is a resource that is strong and I want to utilize it in order to enhance my learning. ’
  • ‘No, I really don’t wish to work on such a project in that way. I would love to do it. ’
  • ‘No, I don’t want to sit and be silent for 48 minutes. That’s not the most conducive learning environment for me. ’
  • ‘No, I don’t believe the assigned homework furthers my understanding much. I believe I’ll pass. ’
  • ‘No, the best thing for me is to not work on that, it’s to reconnect with those who care about me and refresh my mind and soul. I will do this. ’
  • ‘No, I’m not interested in taking that course or subject that’s necessary for graduation. I am interested in learning more. ’
  • ‘NoI don’t wish to read out of this textbook and answer some questions. I find a video on that. I know better that way. ’
  • ‘No, I do not wish to accept that quiz or evaluation. I wish to show my understanding in this manner. I would like to focus for the upcoming few days. ’

Students get to state:

Wish to know who has agency in a college? See who has the capacity to say no.
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    And so forth …
    Our students almost never get to say no. 
    Many of us are currently talking about the need for schools to provide higher ‘student agency.’ But agency doesn’t exist when we just give our pupils choices within whatever restricted. True agency only is when we respect students as human beings and treat them as real partners that have the ability to exercise control and ownership of their own learning drivers, procedures, and products: the what, how, when, where, with whom, and WHY about their learning. True bureau also only exists when students have significant input into matters which are important, not only tokenistic, inauthentic, powerless participation opportunities.

  • Students will lean into the wind if given a chance