T-Mobile now announced a deal to include Prime Video, and introduced a new name for the Layer3 TV online tv service — TVision Home — with improved attributes. From a report: TVision Home will be available starting April 14 in eight markets (the very same regions Layer3 TV has been available): Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, new york, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Longmont, Colo.. It’s not a bundle: TVision Home begins at $90 per month, which includes local broadcast stations more than 150 channels and regional sports programs, as well as 15,000 VOD titles. Like Showtime and HBO are extra premium TV packages. Additionally, TVision Home users have to pay a $10 fee per TV. (Really, the normal price of TVision Home to get non-T-Mobile wireless clients is $99.99 per month, but the carrier is adding a $9.99-per-month reduction to all or any subs for a limited time.)

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