In the months since, we’ve continued our job to make it more useful for people who are searching for jobs and the men and women who support and direct them. People like Kristen Rheinlander, who functions as the Transition Site Manager of the USO Pathfinder Program at Fort Hood, Texas. The father of A self-described Army brat whose came as a volunteer to the USO. Now, she heads up a team which works with service members and their families as they prepare for a new challenge: figuring out what’s next.

Every challenge that is fresh has a measure, and also for Kristen, it starts with helping people see the connections between the skills they developed in the army and civilian tasks. By introducing her clients to the Google Search tool early in the procedure, she is able to show them the types of jobs that align with their expertise, whether need for an area is projected to grow, and also active job listings in a given geographical area. It’s a confidence booster,” she saysthe research tool is a translator which”puts words into the anonymous,” providing greater clarity for clients unsure of which functions, businesses, and businesses align with what they are seeking to do . Kristen works with her clients to start crafting resumes that highlight their experiences use and understand, after finding a guide via the Google Search tool.

Visit Grow with Google to learn more about job search and our other tools and applications for veterans.
Helping individuals find connections between skills developed in the army and civilian jobs is simply one of many ways we are working to create useful tools and programs for transitioning service members, experts, and military households –a community that is sacrificed so much in service to our nation. For the over 2.5 million veterans who’ve decided that their next step would be owning their own business, we’ve established a “Veteran-Led” attribute for their Google My Business profiles. With this badgebusinesses stand out across Google Maps and Search. And for transitioning service members and military spouses who are interested in the expanding field of IT service, we have made it a lot easier for them to make Google’s IT Support Professional Certification via a $2.5 million grant into the USO.
At that time, we announced a project search experience that utilizes military occupational specialty codes to join service members and veterans with open jobs which involve skills developed throughout their period in support.
Through these resources, we’re working to assist veterans, service members, and their families prepare #ForWhateversNext.