With IAsyncEnumerable being introduced in .NET Core 3, it’s not surprising that programmers may want to leverage their knowledge of Linq surgeries when working with async streams.

In this event, Bart De Smet comes on to discuss the System.Linq.Async nuget package that provides some common Linq query operators to IAsyncEnumerable.
Useful Links

  • [01:15] – What is the basis for IAsyncEnumerable?
  • [02:17] – How can the new IAsyncEnumerable compare to the past?
  • [06:15] – How can the ways we partition work with IAsyncEnumerable differ from IEnumerable?
  • [08:34] – What do we make use of IAsyncEnumerable? (Demo)
  • [13:03] – How do we include support for shared Linq expressions to IAsyncEnumerable?
  • [16:11] – How can filtering and ordering operations utilize IAsyncEnumerable?
  • [20:00] – Just how important was community support to the longevity of this undertaking?
  • [21:55] – Just how do the language features made code much simpler?