Get started with products that are rewarded .

Goods that are rewarded make it easy for Google Play developers to increase their user base that is monetized. Our rewarded merchandise offering will probably be in a format that is video. Users may elect to watch a video advertising and upon conclusion be rewarded with money or virtual goods. In the example below, the user selects”watch ad”, perspectives the video, then is allowed 100 coins.

Products that were rewarded could be inserted using the Google Play Billing Library or AIDL interface with just a few additional API calls. No extra SDK integration is required. This reduces. Goods that were rewarded are powered by AdMob technologies to provide access to this array of content from advertisers now working with Google.

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Developers are increasingly using a number of procedures to market their programs and games. One trend has been to reward users with other advantages or currency, such as watching a movie, to get a action. This gives users more choice in how they experience game or the program, and has been an efficient way to monetize non-paying users.

To support this monetization method, Google Play is excited to announce products, a new product type currently available in beta at the Play Console.

For developers interested in best practices on how best to diversify revenue and how rewarded products fit in, please visit us in Google’s Mobile Developer day at GDC or watch via the livestream.