The corporate desktop lives.

Gartner and IDC have both published their quarterly reports about the size of the PC market in the early quarter of 2019, and they’ve both agreed: about 58.5 million systems have been shipped. The 2 businesses use somewhat different definitions of PCs–for Gartner they are laptops, laptops, and”ultramobile premiums” like the Surface Pro, but exclude Chromebooks and iPads; for IDC they are laptops, notebooks, and workstations, including Chromebooks, but don’t include any pills whatsoever –but this quarter they’ve ended up in almost the exact same number of units sold.

Both analysts don’t, but agree on who the best seller was. IDC places HP top, at 13.6 million systems (0.8 percent fewer compared to the exact same quarter per year ago) and also a 23.2 percent market share, with Lenovo in 2nd place, at 13.4 million systems (up 1.8 percent) and a 23.0 percent share of this market. Gartner, in contrast, puts Lenovo shirt at 13.2 million systems (up 6.9 percent), along with a 22.5 percent share, and HP in second, with 12.8 million strategies (up 0.8 percent) and a 21.9 percent share.
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Both businesses put Dell in position, with approximately 10 million systems and Apple in fourth place, with 4 million systems sold. Gartner then puts Asus fifth, just behind Apple at 3.6 million systems shipped. IDC instead gives the nod to Acer, again in 3.6 million machines sold.