• Stephen Colbert Composes the Theme Song for His New Version of ‘The late Show’
  • Ziggy Marley, Chance that the Rapper, and Jon Batiste Play the Arthur Theme Song on The Late Show
  • Colbert clarified that he was feeling down due to the overwhelming amount of news. The two sang a hopeful duet entitled “ Things are Going to Get Better ” and decided that a song would do them good. Of course, Oscar function as Grouch included: “until they make worse”. Colbert is a fast-talker and figured out how to deceive Oscar.
    Stephen performs the optimist to Oscar the Grouch, author of “The Pursuit of Grouchiness,” in a catchy new song called “Things Are Going To Get Better (Before They Get Worse). ”
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    . @OscarTheGrouch and @StephenAtHome cheer us up with a tune. #LSSC https://t.co/a1clWI9Nwu pic.twitter.com/UmUIFdxYUk