Here’s the way to create your pitch stand out:

  • Maintain your pitch concentrated on online marketing. The actionable the greater, the pitch.
  • Be comprehensive! We wish to understand the tactics our audience will be learning about — not just a vague reference to them. Bear in mind, we receive a lot of pitches, so the more you can explain, the better you’ll stick out.
  • Inspection the topics already being introduced — we are searching for sessions which are fresh and that round our agenda to increase the stage.
  • Brush up on how to Get Ready for talking .
  • No pitches will be assessed beforehand, so please do not ask:-RRB-
  • Using social media to lobby your pitch won’t help. Put energy and your time to the pitch !
  • Linking to a prior example of a slide deck or presentation isn’t required, but it will help the committee a lot.

Leading around MozCon:

  • Issue refinement
  • Helping with your session name and description
  • Reviewing any session outlines and drafts
  • Supplying plenty of tips around best practices — especially with the MozCon stage and audience in mind
  • Comprehensive series guide
  • Being available to listen to you practice your discussion
  • Reviewing your closing deck
  • A full point tour around the Sunday before MozCon to meet our A/V crew, see your demonstration on the big screen, and get a feel for the show
  • An amazing 15-person A/V team to support your demonstration every second it is on the large screen and outside

The MozCon staff is here to help you, if your pitch is selected. It is our objective to make sure this is your talk up to now, while it’s your first time under those stage lights that are bright or you’re a speaker that feels perfectly at home in the front of a huge crowd. We’ll answer any questions you may have and work together to provide. Here are a handful of ways that we’re here to help:
We’ve got our fingers crossed for you. Fantastic luck!
I’m ready to submit my idea!
Cue our community speaker program! We book six 15-minute community speaking slots during our event. Now is this season once we encourage anybody in the search engine optimization community to submit their finest and most exciting presentation ideas for MozCon’s time. Not only are those sessions exceptionally well-received by our attendees, but they are also a wonderful way.

To compose a pitch:

  • Fill out our community speaker entry form to enter.
  • Just one entry per person — be sure to select the one which you’re most passionate about!
  • Your pitch must be associated with internet marketing and to get a topic that can be covered within 15 minutes.
  • All speakers need to stick to the MozCon Code of Conduct.
  • If chosen, you’ll be required to show your winning pitch July 15–17th in MozCon in Seattle, WA.

At MozCon, we’ve got a speaker selection committee that defines practitioners on top of their area, with a mean game that is talking. However, these sessions are invite only, and we know the community is exploding with groundbreaking hot ideas research, and SEO evaluations that drive results.
Curious in pitching your idea? Read on for

Submit my pitch!

Together with MozCon 2019 directly around the corner, now we are excited to announce our annual open call for speakers! Are you the individual that everybody in your workplace goes to for digital marketing information? Tired of breaking to the talking circuit to talk about your innovative ideas? Now’s the opportunity to submit your pitch for a chance to join business leaders. (No pressure!)

Unsure exactly what a neighborhood speaker is?

We have an internal committee of Mozzers that critique each pitch. We examine each subject to make sure there’s no overlap with our current sessions and also to confirm that it is a fantastic fit for our audience. Next, we examine the entirety of the pitch to help us get a comprehensive idea of what to expect from your talk about the MozCon stage. That is where links to previous decks, articles, and videos of past presentations is useful (but is not required).

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If a pitch is submitted by you, you’ll hear back from us so please be patient till you hear from us we’ll work hard to make our decisions as we can!