K-cups are created by Keurig, which is struggling in recent years despite a preponderance of the organization’s single-serving java in hotel rooms across the world. The system proven to be both a blessing and a curse. Keurig wasn’t doing this sexy back in 2015, despite nearly $5 billion in earnings, but a merger with — weirdly,  — Dr. Pepper and Snapple — encapsulated the merchandise into a huge conglomerate worth something like $20 billion.

The company is Steeped, based in Santa Cruz, California. Their patented coffee delivery program, for you junkies out there, comes in a form that looks like a tea bagdown to the label at the conclusion of the beverage. Not only is it super-easy, requiring just a cup of plain water rather than an complicated brewing system, but it only takes approximately five minutes to brew a cup of coffee.

The last time I drank java , it arrived with Irish whiskey inside, so that I might not be the best judge of the storied beverage. But it sure looks like a company here in California might put a large dent in the coffee industry, specifically the popular K-Cups out of Keurig, that make a great deal of environmental waste and whose creator is not cool with his creation.

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