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Sony has introduced a display that contains 64 times as many as a 1080p high definition TV and 16 times as many pixels as a 4K TV. “This will allow audiences stand near the unit — that is longer than a bus — without its image looking blurred,” report the BBC. In the report: The 63ft by 17ft (19.2m by 5.4m) screen is presently being set up in a new research centre that has been constructed for the Japanese cosmetics group Shiseido in the city of Yokohama, south of Tokyo. It is so big it will stretch between the first and second floors. The evolution was announced by Sony in the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show, which is currently being held in Las Vegas.

That looked like it had been made up of dozens of smaller displays instead of presenting a seamless picture, although sony had previously designed a distinct 16K screen that went on show in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in 2014. The brand new”super-size” setup has in fact been created out of many modular panels, but because they don’t have bezels they may be fitted together without any visible gaps to produce the impression of being a single screen. The invention does not need a backlight, but goes considerably brighter than OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays while still delivering similar deep blacks. At present, however, the large manufacturing costs involved make it too expensive for widespread usage.