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Building a Vue Front End for a Headless CMS

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Build a Shopping List App using Vue, Vuex and Bootstrap Vue

Find out how to construct a modern site site utilizing Vue.js and GraphCMS, a headless CMS platform which delivers content through GraphQL, for a quicker and more customizable website than using WordPress.
Construct a simple shopping list program using Vuex Vue and Bootstrap. Along the way, you will discover how Vue’s official state management solution can help you manage state as it grows.

Read Hands-On Security at DevOps.

Read How to Develop and Evaluation Vue Components with Storybook.

A step-by-step, functional tutorial about creating efficient and smart web programs and high-performance interactive webpages with jQuery 3.0. Create a fully featured and responsive app using jQuery. Explore jQuery 3.0 features and code examples updated to reflect modern JS surroundings.

Hands-On Security at DevOps

Safeguard your organization’s security in any way levels for procuring DevOps at every layer of this pipeline with the latest strategies. Discover security methods to safeguard your cloud services by discovering fraud and intrusion. Solutions to infrastructure safety utilizing DevOps principles.

How to Create and Evaluation Vue Components with Storybook

We are working hard to help keep you. We have lots of new books and mini-books to check out in the library — let us introduce you to them.

Find out Storybook, an environment for developing and testing UI components. It permits components to be built by you and play them in isolation from the app that you are building.

Read Learning jQuery 3 Fifth Edition.
Read Build a Shopping List Program using Vue, Vuex and Bootstrap Vue.