Secondly, it takes a bit of effort to analyze the information than I anticipated. We wrote over 1000 lines of code to identify the ways startups utilize trials. We reduce the data by target client, arrangement size , free trial structure, and other dimensions. We analyzed the results for statistical significance to ensure rsquo we &;re.

Third, the data suggests that some of the knowledge about trials is correct. And some of it deserves further testing. But that the majority of the decisions apply across a wide foundation of startups. I’m excited to discuss.
The first is the amount of answers; we were stunned by the quantity of willingness and information to discuss. Thank you.
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This is the first time we’t run a large scale survey. We were surprised in three manners.

Late last year, my colleague Pat Chase and I announced the Redpoint Free Trial SaaS Survey. Within the course of a couple of weeks, approximately 600 answers were received by us from SaaS startups using these marketing techniques. They span businesses to more than $100M from $ 1M in ARR. The respondents offered into each role of a company and at all price points. On February 5 at 10am, I’ll be discussing the best 10 learnings from the poll at [Saastr](). Following the conference, I’ll place the slides with the conclusions here.