That segment of organizations who appreciate customer and support engagement are underserved by existing platforms and they constitute a growing and huge section.

Since we partnered with Kustomer six months ago, a growing number of companies have become our clients and gained from the software Brad and Jeremy have built. They comprise UNTUCKit, Rent the Runway, more glossy, Off Traveling, Twist and Sweetgreen.

There’s a group. They don’t call their customer service agents ambassador although by that name, but by words, connection manager, guide, friend, and. Not one individual and a company.

It is those businesses that we strive to serve in Kustomer. By providing a platform to act faster, with more understanding and unifying all the information, Kustomer enables their brand promises to be fulfilled by those companies.
Beyond the milestone and also the round, I’m excited to be working with Neeraj Agrawal among the investors in software businesses, in Battery.

Kustomer’s landmark is a step forward for the company and for a broader movement of startups satisfying the needs of underserved customer segments.
Last year, I talked Composed 1% of Salesforce’s Revenue Makes a Unicorn. Kustomer is a customer support program business based in New York that’s doing just that. And today they are announcing two landmarks for the company: their $35M Series C and 5x yearly growth.