The Deceptive Experiences To Online Users Reduction (DETOUR) Act would prohibit companies”from manipulating adults to signing away their data, or manipulating children into staying on a stage compulsively,” reports Motherboard. “The bill also requires platforms to ensure informed consent from customers before green-lighting academic studies.” From the report: The DETOUR Act would make it illegal to”design, alter, or manipulate a user interface” in order to obscure, subvert, or impair a user’s ability to decide how their information is used. The interface identifies the”design, layout, and text” of a privacy policy. The rigor of default privacy regulations would be subject to regulation. The DETOUR Act would also ban features that encourage”disordered use” for kids under 13 years of age. This would directly target programs like YouTube, which includes auto-play for both its routine website and for the YouTube Kids app. An agent for Common Sense Media told Motherboard in a telephone call that the company provided the writers of the bill with input and feedback.

The legislation would also use to”behavioral or emotional experiments or studies,” like those employed by Cambridge Analytica so as to sort users by personality type. The bill, any such studies need to get consent first, every 90 days, and experimenters would need to make disclosures to the public and to participants. If enacted, the DETOUR Act would require tech companies to make. The action would also provide the FTC one year to make infrastructure enforce violations of the law and would review companies.
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