[Nick Chen] shared some fascinating and useful details about building a AN/PVS-14 monocular night vision device from parts. The construct would be an easy one for many Hackaday readers the individuals who are residents of the USA, although it ’ s not inexpensive. [Nick]’s exemplified construct instructions provide a good look at what’s within these apparatus.
Knowing the ideal terms for searching is half of the battle, and along with his assemble instructions (and a chunk of cash) a curious hacker could have all they have to create their own. Heck, construct two since the PVS-14 is designed such that two units can be combined to make a binocular unit! Not prepared to drop that kind of cash?

The build consists of purchasing a PVS-14 components kit (or “housing kit”) which comprises nearly everything except the image intensifier module, which must be purchased individually. Once all the components are in hand, [Nick] explains how to assemble the pieces.

By building from components how much can one save? It’s equipment that is pricey but prices are available on the components. Housing kits can be had for under $1000, and [Nick] has purchased serviceable image intensifiers . He says searching for “blem tubes” will help zero in on deals.

Quicker, as the center is apparent, and perfectly serviceable as long.

Considering that the image intensifier is the most expensive part, there is an opportunity to save money by searching for that which [Nick] calls “blem” units. These units are functional, but have blemishes or dead spots . The fantastic news it that this makes them more economical, and [Nick] points out that so long as the center area of the tube is clear, they are perfectly serviceable.