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One Week 6, of Fortnite’s Season 8 challenges tasks players with finding and seeing the five greatest elevations found on the island of the game. Getting to the points won’t be too difficult, but finding them can be tough if you do not know what to look for. Not only does this challenge not to be done in a single sitting, but it’ll require some effort. No worries! We are going to make sure it’s as straightforward as possible to find this challenge .

Audio is among the most important sections of a match, and in a game such as Fortnite, being able to hear where your opponents are at all times might be the difference between death and life.
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You are good to go after becoming near the signal! From there, you can start heading towards another highest elevated area, or finish your game so that you may begin the search again.

How to stop by the five greatest elevations on the island at Fortnite

  1. Jump into some other mode of Fortnite’s Battle Royale, although I would suggest Team Rumble, since it’s the very best for challenges like these.
  2. Once the game begins, you’re going to want to look for one of the following places on the map, and also set a market for them (see screenshot below).
    • The southern summit of the volcano close Sunny Measures .
    • The mountaintop south of Pleasant Park.
    • The mountain northeast of Snobby Shores.
    • The top of the castle at Polar Peak.
    • The submarine into the best of Frosty Flights.
  3. As you property or build your way up into the area, watch out for a sign indicating how high you are.
  4. Once you near the sign, the credit for the challenge will look.