Tomorrow night (Thursday, April 11), I Am headlining a free event celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Friends of the San Diego Public Library from 7-9PM: it’s in the Central Library’s Neil Morgan Auditorium (330 Park Blvd., San Diego 92101).

I expect to see you there!
The tl;dr of my address:”libraries as one of the few remnants of a world where individuals were appreciated because of their humanity, not their money, and also the way that works in the present moment of extreme inequality, epistemological incoherence, along with fear of impending collapse.”

The event is free, but seating is limited; the Friends of the San Diego Public Library will provide you with a seat if you pre-order a copy of my brand new book Radicalized from their bookstore.

Subsequently on Sunday, April 14 I am appearing at the LA Times Festival of Books to get a dialogue with John Scalzi, Released by Maryelizabeth Yturralde out of Mysterious Galaxy books.

Subsequently on Friday, April 12 I’ll be at UCLA from 7-930 to get Following Disruption, a board and workshop sponsored by README and the LA Cryptoparty, with Britt Paris out of Data & Society, Sarah T. Roberts in the Department of Information Studies, and Saba Waheed from the UCLA Labor Center. Our subject is:”A dialog on Enormous Tech, the future of labor, and the way systems have successfully been co-opted in the past” and”A collaborative, participatory workshop directed by README and LA Cryptoparty where speakers and audience join together to re-imagine how platforms operate.” The organizers want you although Additionally, it is free to attend.